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Pearl Jewellery

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Cleopatra is said to have bathed in them. Liz Taylor was once presented with one of the largest pearls in the world and … she lost it. Audrey Hepburns Holly Golightly used to mesmerize millions of moviegoers by her three strand pearl necklace. And what is your pearl story about?

Did you secretly play with your mothers pearls when you were a child? They might have been classical two- or three-strand necklaces and bracelets, which clacked and glimmered with the slightest movement. The great news is that this stunning jewellery will always be in fashion! Just take a look at our assortment, and perhaps you will instantly fall in love with these sparkling pieces of jewellery. We truly hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us! more

Pearl Jewellery

Are you looking for a bracelet, a ring, a necklace or earrings? The great variety and wide range of pearl jewellery sometimes make it difficult to decide what to buy. If you are not looking for specific pearl jewellery, let pearls of different shapes and sizes inspire your imagination.

Freshwater pearls, for instance, are cultivated in mussels, living in lakes, rivers or breeding pools. They are often not very round, because in this type of mussels the nacre does not grow around the nucleus. A nucleus is a tiny ball of nacre which is used to grow saltwater pearls. This is why fresh water pearls are not big either. Consisting of thick nacre, such pearls produce a deeply intense shine. Freshwater pearls are very delicate and richly coloured. And as far as their price is concerned, these pearls are a real alternative to the South Sea or Akoya pearls. Are you looking for wedding jewellery, a necklace, a diadem or rings? Then you should probably search for pearl jewellery in this category. Do you like premium quality and classical jewellery? Then you will surely appreciate our Akoya pearls collection. more

Pearl necklace

Imagine yourself wearing your favourite dress: is a pearl necklace suitable for it? If so, what colour is it? Is it a classical long pearl necklace or a short one, entwined with silver or white/yellow gold? The occasion for which you would like to wear your pearl chain is also important: is it a small party at your friends' place or a reception, a wedding, or maybe a visit to the opera? Pearl necklaces are like garments: put them on and slip into another role! Would you like to feel particularly comfortable while wearing your peal necklace? Just make your own choice: take your pick from our delightful assortment of chains or order a custom made item tailored to your specific taste.

Pearl necklaces are patterned in a vast variety of forms. Which one do you have in mind? It goes without saying, that you have already seen many different types of pearls, but it often happens so, that the correct name slips your mind. Hopefully, our list of the most common pearl chain forms will help you find exactly what you are looking for: more

Diamond Jewellery

The biggest diamonds can be found in Russia, Africa, especially in South Africa, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone, in Australia and in Canada. more

Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most precious and valuable metals in the world. From the first discoveries of gold, its incomparable beauty made it highly sought after and this is how gold became the most popular of all the precious metals. And the ease with which it could be worked has inspired craftsmen to use it for the creation of ornaments or potent symbols of wealth.

There are many different ways of crafting gold into jewellery; the colour and correspondence of metals to each other can be tailored to any taste. All jewellery producers are demanded to mark their products with a jewellery stamp, so that consumers could easily recognize the gold's quality. The golden jewellery produced in North America is usually marked with a karat rating (10K, 14K, etc.), and the jewellery which is produced in Italy, is usually marked with stamps (585, 750 Gold etc.). These are the prevailing qualities of golden jewellery, as pure gold is very soft and not very practical for daily wear, because it can be easily scratched and shows signs of wear. This is why other metals are mixed with gold to make it more resistant to wearing and, in addition, to lower its cost. more

Platinum Jewellery

Platinum is a pure metal. This purity and the natural white glow allow diamonds to reflect their best natural brilliance. Taking into consideration that platinum jewellery usually consists of 95% platinum, it neither fades in colour nor changes in form. Therefore it keeps its looks for a lifetime.

Platinum's purity makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for people with sensitive skin. Platinum is a very rare metal and is therefore the most highly demanded precious metal in the world. Platinum is found in very few places around the world. This excellent metal is 35 times rarer than gold. By way of illustration: it is estimated that if all the platinum in the world were poured into one Olympic swimming pool it would be scarcely deep enough to cover your ankles. Gold would fill more than three pools. Platinum's rarity makes it special and distinctive. more

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